Our Story

Burnell Farms is located in Royston, Georgia. Royston is known for the land which is rich, fertile and well developed into a prosperous cattle and farming section.

William and Tammy always had a passion for farming and hoped one day to achieve that dream.  They lived in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Due to the flood in 2008, William and Tammy lost their home and all of their possessions.  There was no hope in rebuilding and redeveloping what was lost.  They had always dreamed of starting a farm.  It seemed like no better time as they literally had nothing to lose due to the destruction from the flood.

William and Tammy decided to move to Royston, Georgia in August, 2009 to adventure out and try to discover other options.  With just $48 in seeds and a little over $1,000 in cash, they decided to step out on faith to pursue their dream at their new location.  With much help from the local Natural Resources Conversation Service (USDA/NRCS), they were able to begin the process of growing vegetables and fruit.

Ever since moving to Georgia, William and Tammy has grown tremendously with growing several produce.  Attending different Markets and networking with other businesses has allowed them to remain successful and stay competitive within the produce industry.